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Maine Master Gardener Volunteers Application Form

To successfully complete the on-line registration, you must use Firefox (free download) or Internet Explorer (free download) to fill out and send this form. Your application may not be processed if you use any other browsers!  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We recommend typing your longer responses in a separate document in case you have a disruption in Internet service while completing this application.

I understand that I must attend at least 80% of the sessions, and complete a minimum of 40 hours-approved volunteer work within one year of completing the course to become certified as a Master Gardener Volunteer. Participants not willing/able to complete 40 hours of volunteer service within a 12-month period following training should not apply for the Master Gardener Volunteers Program.

The Master Gardener course manual is an online resource. It contains instructional videos that require a reliable Internet connection. Please contact your local Master Gardener Coordinator if you do not have reliable Internet access.

regulations and recommendations of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. I understand that as a Master Gardener Volunteer, I am considered a volunteer representative of the University of Maine. I commit to conducting myself in accordance with the established University of Maine Cooperative Extension volunteer standards of behavior. I consent to a background check*, at the expense of the University of Maine, prior to beginning volunteering as a Master Gardener Volunteer, if I will be working with youth or other vulnerable populations.

*Background checks are required of applicants wishing to volunteer as Master Gardeners working with youth and where vulnerable populations are involved as determined by UMaine Extension.


 (View the Training Schedule for locations and dates) *Due to demand, Cumberland and York Counties can accommodate residents only. Please visit their websites for details: Cumberland, York.


1. Have you ever participated in a Master Gardener Volunteers Program in Maine or another state?  

2. Have you ever applied for the Master Gardener Volunteers training in Maine prior to this year?  

6. What type(s) of volunteer work have you done? Briefly describe your history as a volunteer. Consider areas such as school, Red Cross, youth sports, scouting, 4-H, public committees, non-profit work, church, or service groups.

Volunteer Type Frequency Estimated Dates
Example: Nursing Home Volunteer 2 hrs per week Jan. 2000 - present

7. Please list two areas you would like to be proficient in as a result of your Master Gardener Volunteers training.

8. During the gardening season, at what times are you available to volunteer? (Check all that apply):



9. Do you currently volunteer or have you ever volunteered for other UMaine Extension programs?

(Examples: 4-H, Executive Committee, gleaners, etc.):

Scholarship requests will not influence the application process.

Before submitting your responses, consider printing a copy of this form for your own records.