July 10, 2012 from 10am - 2pm

Balfour Farm, Webb Rd Pittsfield, Maine



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Heather and Doug Donahue will open up their farm for a pasture walk on July 10th from 10-2 pm. Sponsored by the University of Maine Extension and the University of New Hampshire, the pasture walk will feature presentations by Dr. Rachel Gilker from the Vermont Pasture Network and Pasture Program at the University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Rachel will discuss estimating dry matter yields and intakes in pastures and general grazing management, as well as ideas around direct marketing of milk products. Measuring pasture intakes and monitoring dairy cow diets are important parts of recordkeeping on organic dairy farms.

Heather and Doug Donahue have been at Balfour Farm in Pittsfield for two years, and quickly established their dairy. Originally shipping organic milk to a wholesale market, they now direct market all their milk through a variety of farm products they produce on the farm. http://www.balfourfarmdairy.com/ Heather will be discussing the rules and regulations process of selling dairy products and Dr. Gary Anderson from the University of Maine will be on hand to talk about testing services and learning opportunities for processors available through the University of Maine.

Additionally, the Donahue family is participating in a recently funded Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) project entitled Assisting Organic Producers to Meet the Demands of New and Emerging Milk Markets. Dr. Andre Brito from the University of New Hampshire will speak briefly about the project and some of the goals we hope to achieve through the research.

Lunch will be served to those participants who register before the event. To register, please contact the University of Maine Extension office in Waldo County at 1-800-278-1426 in Maine or 207-342-5971 outside of Maine. For more information, please contact Rick Kersbergen at Richard.Kersbergen@maine.edu Directions to the farm can be found at http://www.balfourfarmdairy.com/visit.html


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